Jared Lichtenberger Photography


Meet Jared

Hey! I'm Jared Lichtenberger - a Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer, based in Austin, TX [and I'm totally open to travel, by the way].

My journey with photography started in high school with an entry-level Nikon D3000. I remember taking so many photos with that first camera, and then college took over my life. I put my passions on hold to get myself a degree. And once I did, I found myself yearning for a creative outlet again. While digging through thrift store bins with my younger brother, I came across an old Polaroid camera. I instantly wanted to know everything about the camera - How did it work? When was it made? Could I still get film for it? - You see, at the core of my love for photography is a general curiosity and a child-like desire to learn and understand new things. That Polaroid camera reignited my love for photography and I've been taking photos ever since.

I guess what draws me to photography is the opportunity to create something lasting. To capture a memory, a feeling, or simply to find beauty and art in the vast open spaces and crowded corners of this world.

I currently reside in Austin, Texas and teach Leadership + Photojournalism to Middle School students. I never leave the house without a camera.

I would love the opportunity to take your photos! Let's chat via email or over a cup of coffee to discuss your vision.