Jared Lichtenberger Photography


"Long Live Film"

A short documentary worth your time!

Indie Film Lab produced this short documentary in 2013 to highlight a group of photographers that still prefer to shoot film photography. The film runs just over 45 minutes and does a fantastic job capturing the spirit of film photography. In addition to the photographers' points of view, you'll hear about Kodak's roll in keeping film alive in a digitally-dominated photography industry.

Indie Film Lab is located in Montgomery, Alabama. They can handle the processing, scanning, and printing for all your film photography projects - 35mm and medium format. Like many film labs that have started to emerge in the face of a film resurgence, this lab receives your film via mail, completes your order, and returns the finished results. During the digital revolution of photography, many local film labs shut down. Even your local Walgreens or CVS drug store ships out your film to be processed elsewhere.

If you enjoy photography, but haven't entered into the realm of film, I encourage you to get on Etsy or eBay and find a 35mm film camera. These old cameras can be found for around $100 including the body and lens. Of course they can be found for much more as well.

Some of the most iconic 35mm cameras to be sold are listed below:

  • Nikon F Series Cameras
  • Canon AE-1 & AE-1 Program
  • Minolta X-700
  • Olympus OM Series
  • Pentax K1000
  • Contax G1 & G2